What Is Overlanding?

There has been a growing trend among some adventure travelers to explore more remote destinations on foot or by car without relying on existing infrastructure such as hotels and restaurants.

You’ve seen pictures of vehicles and tents illuminated by glowing lights against a backdrop of ten-billion star accommodations: the dark night sky, unadulterated by city lights. You want this experience – to feel so small in comparison to what’s out there that you are insignificant.

This type of travel is often called overlanding.


Brian Booker

A self-made entrepreneur with over 30 years in the RV and outdoor travel industries, Booker was previously the founder and President of ExploreUSA RV Supercenter, leading the business from the ground up to a top American RV retailer with more than $1 billion in sales and more than 150,000 RVs sold.

Josh Gilbert

A second-generation Land Rover retailer, Gilbert has a decade of experience in the luxury automotive industry. His constant focus is providing customers with the greatest customer service and after-sales experience. His talent in premium automotive retail is matched by his passion for overlanding and an active outdoors lifestyle.

Bradley Flume

With a decade of wholesale experience in the automotive industry, Flume led Flume Holdings as it grew to 1,200 vehicles sold online per year. A board member of the Hill Country Rover Rally, the largest Land Rover event in North America, Flume has been an avid overlander for 10 years.