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James Baroud

Odyssey Rooftop Tent by James Baroud

Odyssey Rooftop Tent by James Baroud

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The quality material and craftsmanship makes the James Baroud Odyssey an all purpose roof top tent, the perfect choice for any kind of camping or overlanding. It is lightweight (can be installed by 2 people in a driveway), can fit up to 2 adults and 1 child, resistant to the most extreme environments, maximum comfort from the High Density Mattress and 100% blackout, insulated and resistant fabric, and one of the easiest and fastest tents to open and close (1 minute).

So whether you’re overlanding alone in the desert or camping with your family in the woods, you can count on the James Baroud Odyssey for the most quality, safety and comfort you can find.

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