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OVS Tow Strap- Gray w/ Black Ends & Storage Bag

OVS Tow Strap- Gray w/ Black Ends & Storage Bag

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Overland vehicle Systems provides you Professional Grade recovery gear for any situation. If and when you get stuck our straps are designed to work time after time. We start with high quality tightly woven synthetic fiber that feature double looped ends with a protective sleeve that are double stitched that will not stretch or deform. Each strap is engineered and tested statically to surpass breaking strength requirements to ensure you have the safest product available. Each strap comes with a storage bag and should be paired with our recovery shackles.


- Ideal for daisy chaining vehicles through tough obstacles or long pulls with inoperable vehicle

- Can be used as a winch extension when extra length is needed

- Clean all mud and sand off of all synthetic ropes and straps as soon as you get home. Sand granules have sharp edges that can cut into the fibers at the microscopic level reducing the safe load rating


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