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Ironman 4x4

Ironman 4x4 Quick Fold Aluminum Camp Table

Ironman 4x4 Quick Fold Aluminum Camp Table

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Quick Fold Aluminum Camp Table

There is nothing worse than preparing food by slouching in your camp chair, balancing a chopping board on your knees, and trying not to cut your fingers off in the process. Or even washing your camp dishes, with the bucket on the ground, bending or crouching to reach, while dirt or sand gets everywhere. And how do you share a cheese platter in the great outdoors? The solution? Ironman 4x4’s new Quick Fold Aluminum Camp Table. Not only does it set-up in minutes, but is adjustable and portable providing a perfect prep, games and food table.

QUICK AND EASY SETUP: The quick and easy set-up requires no instruction; simply extend the legs, connect the two-piece base, roll on the top and use the thumbscrews to secure each end.

ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: With three pre-set heights, 16.1", 23.6" and 25.6" and infinite adjustability between the minimum and maximum height, the table is versatile to suit your requirements.  Changing the height is as easy as unclipping the leg lock, pushing in the button and extending or reducing the length of the legs as you need.  Having the flexibility to change each individual leg’s height, solves the issue of uneven ground. By extending legs into holes or on declines, your table becomes more balanced and stable, providing a level surface.

COMPACT AND PORTABLE: Designed to make transport easy, the Quick Fold Aluminum Table is lightweight, weighing only 8lbs. The compact carry bag makes it easy to keep all of the components together, taking up little space in your vehicle or camper trailer.

LOOKS GREAT: Lastly, just because you’re camping it doesn’t mean you can’t have an Instagram worthy table. The woodgrain and black painted finish of the Quick Fold Aluminum Camp Table elevates the appearance from your standard silver camp table, whilst the aluminum construction provides the durability and corrosion resistance you need in the outdoors.


  • Quick and easy set-up and pack down, ensuring no wasted time
  • Adjustable height legs to provide versatility and stability
  • Durable full aluminum construction with woodgrain finish
  • Compact and portable making transport easy


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