Benefits of Riding an e-Bike

Benefits of Riding an e-Bike

Like any new technology, there have been those who have quickly embraced electric bikes (eBikes) and those who continue to scoff at them. Those who find themselves somewhere in the middle in terms of how they feel may need a bit more persuading before they invest in an eBike, like one of our Bakcou hunting and backcountry eBikes. Some of the hesitations of an eBike can be overcome by learning how an eBike can benefit both the user and our environment. Benefits of an eBike can range from improved health to extra fun to getting to places you never thought possible, without impacting the environment. 

While seemingly counterintuitive, eBikes can have a significant impact on your overall physical and mental health and well-being. eBikes, such as ours at Bakcou, help riders to get in shape AND stay in shape. Even with a motor, eBikes still require the rider to put in work to get around. Like other forms, this exercise is proven to be good for your health, both mentally and physically. On Bakcou eBikes, riders can adjust the level of pedal-assist so that they can put in as much, or as little, effort as they please. If you’re looking to work harder, you can turn the assist down and push hard for every mile. Feeling tired or needing some more help getting up the hills? Our eBikes also give you the option to bump up the assist and take it easy for a bit. Regardless of how much assist you get from the motor, the speed and distance accomplished on an eBike are amplified compared to riding a traditional bike. Our Bakcou Tribe members tend to ride their eBikes longer and reach for their eBikes more often because of the ability to adapt each ride to their needs.

Along with the benefits an eBike can provide for your physical and mental well-being, the environmental benefits of an eBike are just as exceptional. eBikes are far less energy-intensive when compared to traditional, gas-powered vehicles and off-road utility vehicles. Here at Bakcou, we even sell solar panels, allowing you to own and ride a super sustainable vehicle that doesn’t rely on fossil fuels. An added environmental benefit is that eBikes don’t create harmful
emissions like traditional gas-powered vehicles and off-road ATV/UTVs. By using a Bakcou eBike, we are doing our part to decrease the impact of transportation on the environment. 

Perhaps the most exciting benefit of a Bakcou eBike is its utility and capability to take you places that were once unattainable by foot or car. The beefy, rugged fat-tires of our eBikes allow you to climb higher, go farther, and explore more without adding additional stress to the environment. Whether hunting, rock climbing, or just exploring, you can do more with a powerful
motor attached to your bike. Places that once seemed inaccessible or out of reach are now realistic destinations, and your Bakcou eBike allows you to bring all the gear you could ever need along with you. Endless opportunities to cover new backcountry await you with an eBike like those we have at Bakcou.

While we’ve just scratched the surface on the general benefits of an eBike, every eBike rider can think of unique ways in which having an eBike has impacted and benefited their own lives. Here at Bakcou, we can’t think of a better new toy than one of our eBikes to help you get out and climb higher, go farther, and explore more while benefiting your health and the environment.

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